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Hey rock 'n' rollas!

I've been working with a client recently, a small business owner one man show who's looking to improve his social media and I put together some tips for him in a follow-up email after our strategy session. I've put them into a blog and video to help any other small businesses out there needing some tips to get started with their social media marketing.

Firstly, where to focus this clients time was the first step, even before I started discussing these content tips. For his business, which was a service business that has a visual component, Instagram was the place to be.

The main reason for this was that in my opinion, there's a tonne of organic growth opportunities that still available on Instagram.

Facebook not so much. I wouldn't neglect it but I think there's still a heap of organic posting opportunities and growth opportunities on Instagram. You can set up auto posting to Facebook from Instagra, which will work fine if you do it correctlyy (ie no bulk hashtags on Facebook)

TIP NO. 1 - Personal Brand Personal brand is crucial.

People find it a lot easier to connect to a person rather than a business. This client has a very generic business name so I've recommended for him to make the name of his Instagram specifically related to his name, for example "Clayton The Social Guy", instead of "CDS Services".

TIP NO. 2 - Post as often as possible This is difficult. This is the hard bit. Where the rubber really meets the road. It is a muscle and you need to flip your brain about how you think about content.

But we can do a whole video on that and I might do one if everyone would like to see one on getting that muscle cranking for creating content.

Anyway let’s get on to the next one

TIP NO. 3 - Improve photo taking skills

So getting a half decent photo on your phone these days is super doable but there’s just a few tricks and thoughts and ideas to master. Little things like straight lines and lighting tips and it's not rocket science with the phones we have these days.

TIP NO. 4 - Push your social media account to current customers Tell them about your account. It's that simple.

“Hi Christina, thanks for having me today” “follow me on Instagram, if you want to post the job on Instagram that would be great, tag me and I'd love to post the photo as well if that's okay with you?”

That that's that's how you are going to organically grow your page. Customers that are happy with your work follow you and then you can keep touching them with jobs you have done and and then they might need you for other jobs in the future and book you again. It's always much easier to get a loyal customer to book you again that it is to get a whole new customer.

TIP NO. 5 - Use customer generated content You can use those pics (that customers post) on your Instagram, and tag the customer and they will actually appreciate your interest! They can tag their friends and say, "see this is my new pool gate, how good does it look, so happy with it!"

TIP NO.6 Use The Platform Yourself

Get into the platform. You've gotta understand how your industry is using the platform to communicate. There will be hundreds, probably thousands of others around the globe doing what you do, and you can learn from them.

So that's it, a few simple tips to a client that I've got at the moment and to help small business get started and get moving on social media.

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