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Knowing the answer to 'why' is always more important than how, who, when, where & what. An overall strategy is the crucial first step is structuring your limited marketing dollars to gain the most benefit for your business online.


We manage all aspects of all social and digital platforms so you can get back to running your business. From daily posts to following up on customer queries, we look after the your businesses digital presence so you can focus on doing business in the real world.


Does my business need a blog? What pictures should we use? Do we need new pictures? What should we blog about? Will anyone care? When do we blog? So many questions, so little time! Let Smith Social help you select, plan and create the content your business needs.


We create beautiful, functional and modern websites, always keeping the customer journey in mind and focusing on user experience and design. We use the fantastic Wix website building platform which is the only true 'drag and drop' system available, meaning that when you want to update and change your website in the future, it is a simple and pain free process (I know you've heard that before, but Wix really is that simple!). It also means that we can keep our prices very competitive, because there is no coding or website development time needed


To read more about Wix, CLICK HERE to go their website. 

To see some of the websites we've made CLICK HERE


Whether you need regular blogs written or copy for an entire website, Smith Social is your go to Melbourne agency. Our blog writing is not only engaging and tailored to your audience, we also optimise to work in concert with your SEO efforts. 


Without a doubt, social media and digital advertising is the most powerful marketing tool small business have ever had access to. Compared to classic marketing channels, social and digital advertising is the most trackable, cost effective and targeted marketing tool EVER. With the ability the target your desired customer demographic in a specific location while spending extremely small amounts of money, it is can generate real dollars for your business without breaking the bank.

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