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Great Perth Social #1 - Jack Rabbit Slims

Jack Rabbit Slims. You’ve probably been there and don’t remember leaving. Some of you may have just discovered the place and some of you might still call it ‘Bettys’ (shame on you for being old). Regardless, Jack Rabbit Slims has quickly (and I mean quickly) become a favourite location for band watching, late night snacking and blackout drunking.

Part of the Jack Rabbit Slim’s success is a fantastic social media presence, so we thought we would speak up and send a digital high five to these guys n' gals, specifically toward their Instagram, which you can check out here

So lets get specific. The points we’ll cover today are;

  • What Do You Want To Promote

  • Point Of Difference

  • Invest In Your Content

  • Hashtags

  • Consistency

  • Comps


Some people shudder at the idea of having to decide what content to put out. 3 posts a day?!? I’m going to have to post anything and everything I can think of! Nah. Not everyone on Instagram needs to take photos of their lunches and lunges. If I see one more accountant post a pic of an apple and #cleanliving I’m going to have to unfollow him…

Our motto is simple, you need to post relevant pictures that look great. This is a late night music diner, so what do we see? Bands press shots, event posters, delicious looking drinks (with prices/specials), stylised moving images – that’s it. ON REPEAT.


Special mention here. The stylised moving images look great. Consistent with the Jack Rabbit Slims’ branding, these posts are regular and attract the eye. Along with the short montage clips promoting gigs, they act as a unique point of difference and break up the monotony of content style, both on Jack Rabbits’ page and on your own feed.


Put simply, JRS pay a little and get a lot. By having a solid local photographer coming out, they are creating fresh content every week. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the most $$ photographer you can find. Good regular photographer = awesome visual consistency. They are capturing the good times and mood each weekend and reminding punters of it each week.


Not everyone needs a brick of hashtags in their caption or first comment. If you can avoid it, that is even better. While sometimes some heavy hashtagging might be necessary to build some reach in the early days, once you reach a nice level you can let the reins go a bit more organic and focus down on a few things you want out there. Slims has picked their six and they stick to it. Same concise hashtag list #perth #perthtodo #perthevents #perthmusic #perthisok #perthlife. Simple and consistent.


Speaking of consistency, these guys are kings of it, posting two to three times a day, everyday. Following JRS on Instagram means you aren’t going to miss a thing. The name, the events, the bands and the drinks are popping up on your feed regularly throughout the week. You gotta be in it to win it and a post a month when you feel ‘motivated’ by the success of Selena Gomez on Instagram isn’t going to do it. Five posts in one day and silence for the rest of the week isn’t getting anyone anywhere. Set your cycle and stick to it.

But it isn’t just post consistency that is going to increase follows and interaction for your page; it’s consistency of quality. I could post two or three times a day with iPhone pics of myself doing pull ups and flexing, but I would likely cap out at a loyal female following of 150 (worldwide) and while I’d be grateful to them I simply cant live off 100 and Fire emoji’s from the faithful. Jack Rabbit Slims retains the quality of every post. No duds!

You can’t overstate the importance of consistency in quantity and quality of posts for your business.


The occasional competition is fantastic for follower engagement. Pretty straight forward, offer something up and ask people to do stuff for it. Doesn’t have to be a huge giveaway and it doesn’t have to be a task like ‘take this ring to Mordor’. Here is a great one by Jack Rabbits

So that’s not all Jack Rabbit Slims are doing right, but it is a couple of interesting bits and pieces we thought might be helpful to all y’all getting your Instagram strategy together. And it WORKS. Jack Rabbit Slims first post was on 19/6/2015 and at time of writing (31/8/17) their followers have gone from 0 to 23.7k, with regular engagement.


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