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Smith Tips - Does Your Business Need A Blog in 2022?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Smith Tips. Today we're going to talk about a really common question we hear a lot, "Does my business need a blog?"

The short answer is: probably, and, we're going to tell you why.

Here are the reasons at a glance:

1. Brand Content Centre

2. Build authority in industry/market

3. Improve SEO

4. Create better ads

5. Answer questions an attract new customers

REASON 1: Brand Content Centre

A blog provides a great content centre for your content as a brand.

You've got Facebook going, you've got Instagram rolling, you've got an email newsletter, you might even have some radio ads or some print advertising flying around. Where can a user or customer or prospect find that article or ad or new product discussion? Did they see it in an email? A social post? Hear it on the radio?

The blog provides a fantastic base for all content that the customer or prospect can head to anytime they want to find something.

We have a product launch, for example, we do a blog post about it, and then we push it out to all our social channels. Then we can drive all that traffic back to our website, and that's where we want people, that is the hub, and it should be the hub, of our entire brand.

REASON 2: Build Authority in Industry/Market

Another great reason to have a blog for your business is that it is the place where we can build authority, and show people all the insight and knowledge you've gained over all the years you've been doing whatever it is you do, the blog is the vehicle to show all that knowledge.

Create articles giving analysis, showcase new products and services, discuss topical issues, give in-depth answers to both simple and complex customer queries, and so much more.

We can't do that anywhere else on the website. Services page, product pages, contact page, about us page; all are not suitable places to place large articles.

REASON 3: Improve SEO

Another really important reason for a cranking blog on your business' website is improved SEO, referring to Search Engine Optimisation.

In-depth, well structured blog articles targeting secondary and tertiary keywords are beneficial to our organic Google rankings across all

While services and product pages are focused on the customers who have come to the end of the funnel, blog articles allow us to target customers at earlier levels of the customer journey. Bringing in valuable prospects before a final selection may have been made.

REASON 4: Create Better Ads

Blog content works fantastically as ads or boosted content, on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, again bringing customers in at a different stage of the funnel.

REASON 5: Answers Search Queries & Attract New Customers

And number five; we can answer people's direct search engine queries and bring in website traffic, by ranking a great piece of content in Google.

Imagine someone is searching for "great landscaping ideas 2021".

If you do a blog titled "Great Landscaping Ideas 2021", well you're going to have a good chance of that page ranking in that Google search, someone clicking on it, getting insight, and then, who are they going to go to when they need more landscaping information?

Someone who's given them some really valuable insight and information, and that will be on your blog.

Let's Sum Up

Let's sum up these great reasons to have a blog for your business.

1. Create authority for our business in our industry.

2. Provide a great content centre for our brand.

3. Improve your websites SEO

4. Create better ads

5. Answer search queries directly

And that's that! All the reasons why your business needs to get blogging!

Checkout our expert content marketing service for help with your business content creation needs.

Thanks for watching Smith Tips, we'll see you next time, and remember to subscribe for more discussions on all things social media and digital marketing.


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