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Smith Tips - Email Marketing

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another edition of Smith tips where we will be talking about six reasons why email marketing still rocks.

Here are the reasons at a glance:

Most Direct Form Of Marketing

Completely Voluntary

As Cheap As It Gets

Great Visual Options

Highly Customisable Segmenting/Targeting

Sit Back And Let The Robots Do The Boring Stuff

Let's examine each of these reasons.

REASON 1: Most Direct Form of Marketing

Email is still the most direct form of digital marketing we have access to as marketers. If you think about it, you are emailing a person directly to their inbox. There is no third party in between. So that means no third parties, i.e. Facebook can make changes to the algorithm, change the platform or change the program that they're using between you and the user which can cause issues. So, email marketing is extremely direct, there is no one in between and it's just between you and the user.

REASON 2: Completely Voluntary

Reason number two, it's completely voluntary if you're doing it correctly and not spamming people. So most of the time, people are opting in voluntarily into receiving information about your business. Think about how amazing that is, right? They're saying yes, please send me some more information about what you're doing. That is amazing, usually with most forms of marketing people are scrambling to run away from it. But with email, this is most of the time we're talking about opt in marketing and they're saying yes please send me your deals, send me your sales, send me your products and services, so I can buy them.

REASON 3: As Cheap As It Gets

Reason number three email marketing still rocks, it's cheap. The programs we use to send and manage email newsletters and email marketing are extremely cheap if not, free. You can send out targeted product advertising and service advertising to people who have asked for it for free. The only investment is time.

REASON 4: Great Visual Options

Reason number four that email marketing still rocks, it can be very visual. You can use your great images of products, services, yourself and your branding, all of which will show up in the email. Whereas some other ad forms that only utilise text may not be right for your product. If you have a very visual product or service, say interior design, you probably want to show the stunning work that you do. Email can showcase this for you.

REASON 5: Highly Customisable Segmenting/Targeting

Reason number five, segmentation and targeting. When you have an email management platform that you're using most of these platforms offer you abilities to segment your subscribers. This allows you to set up segments that people can opt into whether it be different categories, or you can have different actions that put people into different segments so you can send out an email and say to the program if people do not click on this email newsletter put them into this segment, if they do click, put them into this other segment. And then you can have different emails go out to these different segments.

REASON 6: Sit Back And Let The Robots Do The Boring Stuff

Reason number six, automation. Most email platforms now offer the ability to automate your email marketing. You can finish an email newsletter ahead of time and schedule it to go out when you prefer. This also means though that we can send out automated marketing sequences. So once someone signs up to our email list for example, we can have a list of 10 emails of our best blog posts that go out automatically. Once these email segments and sequences are set up, they work and you don't even have to lift a finger.

Okay let's some up the six reasons why email marketing still rocks and could be used to great effect in your business.

Number one, it's still the most direct form of digital marketing we have. Number two it's voluntary, number three it's cheap, number four it's visual, and number five segmentation and targeting, and lastly number six automation.

Thanks so much for watching Smith Tips, we'll see you next time for more digital and social media marketing.


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