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Smith Tips - Six Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Tanked

Hey everyone,

welcome to another Edition of Smith Tips. Today we're going to talk about the six reasons why your Facebook ad tanked.

Here are our reasons at a glance

Bad/No Landing Page

Perfecting the Ad

Audience Targeting: Demographics

Audience Targeting: Custom/ Lookalike Audiences

No Brand Awareness

No Offer Bueno!

Lets look into these reasons further

REASON 1: Bad/No Landing Page

Having a bad or no landing page ready for the traffic that will be directed from your ad can cause issues. It's all about alignment when we're driving traffic from the Facebook ad to our landing page. You've got to make sure firstly that you're not driving people to a page that has too many options.

Most of the time people are driving traffic from a Facebook ad to the homepage of their website. When pages are too broad, listing all the services, products and information it can be confusing. That's not what people are looking for when they've clicked on an ad or an offer. They want exactly what you've told them about in the advert. Make sure your landing page is directly aligned and giving the person exactly what they've clicked on.

REASON 2: Perfecting the Ad

There are many types of ads you can run on Facebook, but at all times you need to make sure that all aspects of that ad are just right.

The copy's needs to be clear and articulate. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes and always get someone else to check it first. Make sure it's relevant, offering and telling people exactly what you want to tell them.

The graphic, whether it's a video or an image, make sure it's high quality and targeted correctly. If you're targeting an older demographic, make sure there's older people in the video or the ad. One thing with video ads is that subtitles are a must. There's a huge percentage of videos watched on Facebook with no sound on. Subtitles are essential, so people can see what you're saying. Finally, a key feature of the ad is to make sure all the links that have been set up are working.

REASON 3: Audience Targeting: Demographics

We're talking about demographics and size of audience. Something that is very obvious but can be missed when you're setting up ads. Are you looking for an older demographic? Make sure you've set that up. Are you looking for just men? Make sure you click that button. Obviously if our ads are being served to people that aren't in our target market, then they're not going to be effective.

REASON 4: Audience Targeting: Custom/Lookalike Audience

Here we're talking about custom audiences and lookalike audiences. Think about where you are targeting people in the customer journey. You can target them on demographic (age, sex, where they live), but have they engaged with your brand? Have they seen your page, or have they been to your website? These can all be targeted on Facebook. By going into the audiences tab and you can set up custom audiences and lookalike audiences. The options are incredible. Get in there, Google and investigate because it's a really powerful tool and will help your ads perform so much better.

REASON 5: No Brand Awareness

Your Facebook ads might be tanking is nobody knows who you are. It's brand awareness we're talking about. People, especially small businesses are running ads with their offer, their product or service straight away and blasting out everyone. People don't buy things straight away from someone they've never heard of or ever seen before. If you're going to put money behind ads and boosting posts on Facebook, think about approaching the customers first and building a rapport with them before you do the offer. What I'm saying is push the offer further down your sales journey and get the customer to know you first. Maybe it's more about you, about your business, who you are, where you are and what kinds of things that you do. Then give the offer to those people who've engaged with your ad further down the sales journey.

REASON 6: Offer No Bueno!

The offer isn't good. Do your research folks. You’ve got to make sure that you know what your competitors are offering, what's out there in the market place, and make sure that you're just as good if not better value. People are researching the heck out of everything whether it's a $50,000 car or a $120 carpet cleaning job. People know what's out there, so you need to provide something that's good or else the ad will not perform.

Thanks for watching our Six Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Tanking. We'll see you next time on Smith Tips for more digital and social media marketing.


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