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Social Media Tips for Soloprenuers in 2022

Hey rock 'n' rollas!

After a recent digital marketing coaching session with a Perth-based soloprenuer, I put together Six Social Media Tips for Soloprenuers here in Australia.

  1. Focus on personal brand

  2. Post as often as possible

  3. Improve photo & video skills

  4. Push current & past customers to social media accounts

  5. Utilise customer generated content

  6. Get hands-on with the platforms

Solopreneurs are time-poor, focus is key

Firstly, where to focus this clients time was the first step, even before I started discussing these content tips.

For his business, which was a service business that has a visual component, Instagram was the place to be.

TikTok has now also become a massive platform and should be definitely considered from a strategic point of view, if a soloprenuer enjoys creating videos.

There's a tonne of organic growth opportunities on these platforms in 2022.

Facebook not so much. I wouldn't neglect it but it's a more difficult place to achieve organic reach without paying for ads. You can set up auto posting to Facebook from Instagram, which will work fine if you do it correctly (ie no bulk hashtags on Facebook)

TIP NO. 1 - Focus on Personal Brand

Personal brand can be a powerful conduit to connect with users.

Personal brand provides a short cut. A clear, direct avenue to communicate the fundamentals of a business offer; where a business has come from, what services and products the business provides and most importantly, how this business is different to the competition.

A vague business name and logo can be a hurdle to connection and communication, making it harder to turn a prospect into a customer.

For example; a generic business name can be combined with a person's name to instantly connect as a personal brand ie, instead of 'CDS Services, I could select "Clayton The Social Guy'.

TIP NO. 2 - Post as often as possible

This is the hard bit. This is where the heavy lifting is done. Content creation is a muscle and you need to flip your brain about how you think about content.

A simple approach I recommend often is 'Document, don't create'. So much of the every day experience of working in a business is excellent content, and all that needs to be done is to document what's happening, as opposed to attempting to create

For most small businesses, more content is the way to go.

TIP NO. 3 - Improve photo & video quality

For higher quality footage, tweak the camera settings on your phone.

Most phone cameras are set to lower quality settings by default to save on space, as higher quality imagery and video take up a tonne more storage.

Shoot with the sun or light behind you and try for straight lines in terms of walls and ceilings and you'll be well on your way.

TIP NO. 4 - Push current & past customers to social media accounts

Tell current and past customers about your social media accounts. It's that simple. `

I've put together a template for a text or email to let a customer know; feel free to take it and use!

“Hi Christina, thanks for having me today”
“Please feel free to post a pic of the job on Instagram! Tag me and I'd love to post the photo as well if that's okay with you?”

That's how you are going to organically grow your page.

Customers that are happy with your work follow you and then you can keep touching them with jobs you have done and then they might need you for other jobs in the future and book you again.

It's always much easier to get a loyal customer to book you again that it is to get a whole new customer.

TIP NO. 5 - Use customer-generated content

You can use those pics (that customers post) on your Instagram, and tag the customer and they will appreciate your interest!

They can tag friends, possibly those who are in the market for your services saying, "if you're looking for a lawn guy, this guy is the best in town, did a brilliant job for us!"

TIP NO.6 - Use the platform Yourself

Get into the platform. You don't have to spend 4 hours a day on it, just develop an understanding of how it works and how users are interacting.

You've gotta understand how your industry is using the platform to communicate.

There will be hundreds, probably thousands of others around the globe doing what you do, and you can learn from them.

Bonus Tip - Massive organic reach available on TikTok in 2022

TikTok has become a massive platform in the last 12 months and is still in the beginning phase of social media platforms, offering huge organic (meaning free) reach to those who can pump out great content.

This is a huge opportunity for those who act quickly enough, as it won't be like this forever.

Digital Marketing Coaching for Solopreneurs

For soloprenuers looking for extra guidance and expertise around social media and digital marketing, I offer 1-on-1 digital marketing coaching. It's a great option for soloprenuers looking to up-skill, understand where best to focus time and energy to get the most of their digital marketing efforts.

Thanks so much for reading! Subscribe at the top of the page to get more digital marketing tips delivered to your inbox as soon as they are published.

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