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The search for Unicorn Marketers must stop!



Ok its rant time.

Just got sent another job ad by a friend from an agency looking for a digital marketing unicorn.

I have seen so many of these ads and they are a freaking joke, mainly from businesses but occasionally agencies too. It must stop. They usually go something like this...

Key responsibilities include:

- genius copywriter

- expert videographer, shoot and edit

- brilliant photographer

- Google Ads champion

- SEO legend

- social media phenom, paid and organic across every platform that has ever existed

- graphic design lord for digital and print

- website management across all platforms

- podcast sound engineering tsar

- can-do attitude

- years of experience in each of the above fields

- university degrees - data analytics savant

- May or not be full time, maybe part-time


I'm here to say stop. Stop expecting unicorn marketers. It’s ridiculous.

Businesses, start properly understanding where your marketing dollars should be placed and put them there. Strategy is crucial. Scale outwards one channel at a time, and don’t hand it all to one/two people.

Agencies, stop being cheap.

Rant over, thank you for your time.

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