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What is Content Marketing?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Q: What is content marketing?

A: the process of building an audience by delivering consistent content

As I have hopefully learned from the masters of content marketing Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi, building an audience using content is a powerful marketing approach.

Whether it’s a regular weekly blog, a regular industry report or a YouTube show about what happens if you drop your products off the roof, consistently great content will win.

The definition of “great”? That’s the tricky bit. That, and the consistency.

Consistency is the true key to content marketing success.

Some examples:

The Furrow - a print magazine started by John Deere in 1895 about all things farming. It’s still going to this very day.

Will It Blend? - a YouTube channel about putting anything and everything in a blender, started by blender company Blendtec. Started in 2006 and still going today. As of March 2018, the channel had over 285 million views.

Content Marketing for Business

We offer expert content marketing consulting for help with your content strategy and creation and execution, read more about our content marketing here.

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