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Digital Marketing Coaching - A Comprehensive Guide in 2022

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

From social media marketing and management, through to website design and optimisation through to search engine optimisation, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more, digital marketing coaching provides brand aligned structures and strategies to help you achieve business goals through digital channels.

What does a digital marketing coach do?

A digital marketing coach is an expert guide to help strategise, setup and execute a digital marketing strategy for your business.

With new platforms arriving and established platforms evolving, the world of digital marketing continues to move at a blinding pace, and specialist help an be highly beneficial to help hone a business' approach to what has now become the dominant advertising and marketing channels of today.

Clayton Smith - Digital Marketing Coach Australia in white tshirt with Apple laptiop

1. Develop the Value Proposition

A value proposition summarises a business' offer to the market, including the key differentiating benefits that separate the business from the competition.

Clarity around where the business has come from, where the business is now, and where the business wants to be in the future.

The most crucial part of this discovery is understanding what differentiators are of value to the consumer. Not what is of value to the business. This is an important distinction.

For example, a business may sell a brand of product that is better quality than most other brands. If this brand is not well known in the market though, leading with this as a differentiating factor will not achieve anything, as it is not of value to the consumer.

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2. Identify Digital Opportunities

Once a clear understanding of the brand has been formed, we can then look at the digital channels that will give the best chance of achieving the business' goals.

All coaches will have different experiences and expertise across different platforms.

For me, the three fundamental aspects of digital marketing that a digital marketing coach should advise on are;

  1. Website

  2. Search - SEO & SEM

  3. Social

What aspects of a website can a digital marketing coach advise on?

Websites offer the opportunity to communicate all aspects of a brand.

I would expect digital marketing coaches to advise on desktop & mobile experience, navigation, content and copywriting as well, with data analysis of past traffic as well if available.

What aspects of Search Engine Marketing should be included?

Search Engine Optimisation strategy both onsite and offsite should be key elements of a digital marketing coach's advice, along with Google Ads review and analysis as a possible digital marketing opportunity.

Keyword Research - one data point to rule them all

Understanding keyword search volumes is the first piece of analysis that underpins a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Keyword research delivers the exact keywords users are placing into Google. The importance of this data cannot be underestimated.

It is a window into the mind of the customer. A data backed, inarguable set of facts. These can be hard to come by in marketing.

Keyword research is crucial to understanding the Search Engine Marketing opportunities, and can offer insights that will inform both content and advertising across other digital marketing and traditional marketing activities.

Clayton Smith - Digital Marketing Coach Australia

3. Strategic Recommendations

Once the digital opportunities have been identified, all other business factors must be considered.

Budget, timeframes, available resources, future business goals and more must all be factored in.

A balance of short term, medium term and long term business goals need to be taken into account and final recommendations made.

Clayton Smith - Digital Marketing Coach in white tshirt at desk with apple laptop

4. Hands-on Training & Coaching

This could include setting up Google Ads campaigns and Facebook Ads campaigns, helping write and create content or helping troubleshoot functionality issues that may be beyond the clients understanding.

Data analysis and optimisation recommendations also play a key role for digital marketing coaches.

Successful digital marketing is a never-ending exercise in analysis and improvement making this aspect as important or even more important than the initial setup of a campaign.

How much does a Digital Marketing Coach cost?

Digital Marketing Coaching start from $300 to $500 per single session up to multi-session packages from $1500 and upwards.

Clayton Smith - Digital Marketing Coach Australia
this is my good side right here.

A Digital Marketing Coach can help up-skill and deliver the direction and plan your business needs

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